Example 1

A very customizable jQuery Plugin, that can be edited from a HTML, JSON or XML file. The scroller is completely resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (compatible with iOS & Android).

You can add HTML, Flash, embed YouTube, Vimeo … videos, have a lightbox …

Example 2

You can easily change the Thumbnail Scroller style, add a scroll bar and use the slideshow option.

Example 3

You can easily create a Image Scroller with a lightbox and you can set the number of images that will slide when you click on the arrows.

Example 4

You can navigate through the Thumbnail Scroller using only the mouse and you can add one of 32 easing effects.

Example 5

If you want you can use the Thumbnail Scroller vertically, for easy integration into sidebars or other areas of your website that have a small width.